PhysioSynergy Ltd is a Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation Service located at RaceHub, Six Hills nr melton Mowbray whose concept is to alleviate pain, restore function and improve life. Patients are treated as a whole, using a holistic approach to their management in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

PhysioSynergy is owned by Claire Howard, Chartered Physiotherapist, a Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy with over 16 years clinical experience.

Claire is committed to providing patients with an exceptional level of care using highly specialised and comprehensive assessment skills, expert diagnostic clinical reasoning and evidence based treatments to alleviate pain, restore function and aid rehabilitation.

Claire’s focus is the patient as a whole; her friendly, caring and professional nature ensures a holistic approach to patient management working towards mutually agreed goals. A patient may only need to be seen for assessment and advice or a longer treatment programme may be required – all of which will be discussed in the Initial Assessment and a treatment plan formulated which specifically targets the patient’s needs.

Each follow up session will begin with a reassessment to ensure progression is being made and treatments adapted in line with the clinical findings to aid a speedy recovery.

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PhysioSynergy at RaceHub
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